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Fly are doing something right!

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In the last week or so, I have broken the habit of 2004 and bought a couple of new FLY cars. First one was the BMW 320i A624 Macau...

As with almost all slot cars that I've ever bought, I take it out of the box and gave it a quick run around my home track 'au naturel' i.e. untweaked..... What would normally have been a couple of laps turned into a 45 minute session exploring the limits of the car
HEY! HEY! I thought a FLY car that runs well straight out of the box! Reasons = round wheels and concentric grippy tyres + free running transmission.

Must have been a fluke....

Later that same week however, I acquired an A84 Oreca Viper.... The same story repeats itself

I will admit that LATER, I took the sensible step of glueing the transmission bearings and applying a little dab of lube in the right places on both cars, but straight from the box BOTH cars were absolutely cracking runners.

So to FLY = a big

Thought you'd like to know

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Here you go Da Vols..................

Should explain it all.

The Fly Classics are great cars, which I collect.

I've got to admit that most of mine get shimmed back axles and sometimes I "adjust" the body so the tyres don't rub and Stub Axles replaced with solids, but it's all part of the fun...................


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