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Fly are doing something right!

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In the last week or so, I have broken the habit of 2004 and bought a couple of new FLY cars. First one was the BMW 320i A624 Macau...

As with almost all slot cars that I've ever bought, I take it out of the box and gave it a quick run around my home track 'au naturel' i.e. untweaked..... What would normally have been a couple of laps turned into a 45 minute session exploring the limits of the car
HEY! HEY! I thought a FLY car that runs well straight out of the box! Reasons = round wheels and concentric grippy tyres + free running transmission.

Must have been a fluke....

Later that same week however, I acquired an A84 Oreca Viper.... The same story repeats itself

I will admit that LATER, I took the sensible step of glueing the transmission bearings and applying a little dab of lube in the right places on both cars, but straight from the box BOTH cars were absolutely cracking runners.

So to FLY = a big

Thought you'd like to know

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Funny's been the "Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" comments that I have read about Fly's since returning to slots near a year ago that kept me from buying any. I finally broke down and purchased a trio of Classics recently - Lola T70, Porsche 917, and Ferrari 512 - and to my surprise: The Lola was perfect out of the box, both in appearance & on-track performance - the Porsche needed the magnet to be put in it's proper place - and the Ferrari just needed a little front tire/body rub taken care. To make my "smile" even bigger I'm contemplating which Ford GT40 to make it a happy foursome...leaning towards the Gulf version.

Perhaps these "new" old Classics are the last of the production runs and Fly got them all right by then??? In any event, I'm sure am glad I finally got them as I've always found that time period in racing my favorite...and these recent additions to my "garage" have got me wanting to see "Le Mans" once again!!!

By the way: Anyone know the reason "why" for the odd numbering on one door of the Ferrari #11?
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Thank you Alan & Rob...and Nuro for solving that "mystery" for me. I knew it couldn't have been a "typo on the tampo" and had found many a pic of the #11 car, but none showing the side in question that Nuro posted.

The rear axle on the Lola & Porsche do need a bit of shimming and I'll get to that in time...hate to "touch" the Lola right yet as it just distanced itself another tenth on it's siblings...amazing.

Since this 3-some hasn't made join the ranks of the "ranters" - perhaps after the GT 40, I'll try a nice Capri (another favorite of mine)...and a Lancia...and a BMW...
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