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QUOTE (bigal2505 @ 10 Jan 2005, 03:33)QUOTE ( @ 9 Jan 2005, 10:11)How much do you want to give for a very slightly used item?
I konw a guy who has this model, bt don't know if he wants to sell it.
I gave him the cars wednesday!!!

Thank you for answering my request.
For a used one without seeing it, 20.00GBP or 35.00USD. I will then have to come up with freight costs. I'm hoping that there is no visible damage to paint work as such. I can cope with chassis wear and stuff because I can fix that, but I cant fix up damaged tampo.


It has hardly run, so it is ok.
I will contact the guy in the club and get back to you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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