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Fly Catalogues and Leaflets

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Fly have released a couple of small leaflets - one is a fold out type with their forthcoming releases on (including a Renault 5, but thats a different story) and the other a little glossy book showing current models available. This is not to replace the main catalogue, as that will come later (once I have translated the Spanish again no doubt). However, if you would like one of each of these, send me a stamped addressed envelope that will take A5 size and has 60p worth of stamps on the front and I will send you the leaflets free of charge! Hows that for service then?

Send them to

Aaron Foord
Fly Leaflet Offer
Gaugemaster Controls
Gaugemaster House
Ford Road
West Sussex
BN18 0BN

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Cheers, Aaron,

Just need some stamps etc.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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