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Fly Classic 250GTO #19 TOO FAST

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Hi Guys and Gals,

I have a Fly 250GTO, the #19 car. Very pretty, but it is just too fast compared to my other cars. I run a group of Revell, Scaley and Fly cars, all 60 LeMan cars. They all seem to be faily equal on lap times even though each drive slightly differently.

The trouble with the GTO, is that you do not have to slow down at all. Full speed all the way round. My Fly Lola and Porsche 906 are very tricky to drive, which is a nice challenge. I took the magnet out of the GTO and it just spins up the rear wheels and is undrivable, even on straights.

I have reduced the power to 88% and it is still too fast and obviously is too easy to drive in the corners anyway, so it isn't really a power issue. What can I do to the handling to make it more fun to drive?

If I can't fix it, I will have to use it as a fast pace car only.
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Your Fly Lola and Porsche cars must be under performing because their old tyres are hard and not gripping. The 250GTO is not that faster. If your old Fly tyres are hard then get NSR Fly classic supergrips to find the equivalent of fresh Fly tyres.

The easiest way to make a car less boring to drive is to lift up the magnet and place a plastic shim 0.5mm or 1mm under it. Epoxy the magnet to the retaining lugs. Then it is less bogged down by magnetism, far more responsive, and it will have a little more drift around the corners.

Revell 'classic' cars do not have much tyre grip, and nor do Scalextric cars on the whole. Both rely upon magnets only. They will always get hammered by Fly cars if the Fly cars have fresh tyres.
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