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It's time to trim my collection of Fly Porches and Ferraris (and one alfa) to raise funds for other (perhaps less important but more pressing) requirements.

So, the following are all in mint condition, have never even been near my track (shelf queens one and all). They all have the original inlay cards and undamaged boxes except in a few instances where stated. They have only been out of the box to be shot in my photographic studio.

I will charge £5 postage and packing for each car (First class signed for) although, if you buy more than one car, I will reduce the cost of the subsequent P&P to £2.00 per car. (I could probably post overseas if you have a special request although I'd have to check postage costs first)

I will listen to serious offers if you want to negotiate purchase of several cars at the same time.

All cars will be wrapped in bubble wrap and packed individually in corrugated card packaging to ensure they arrive with you in perfect condition.

The shots here are the actual cars you will get, not stock shots.

Payment by PayPal ideally but other payments could be arranged.

PM me if you want any of these cars. I will leave this here for a few days and then sell the remaining cars on Ebay. I wanted to offer you guys first shout.


FLY A903 Porsche 911 Carrera 24hr Le Mans 1973 - £38.00

FLY C62 Porsche 908/3 Targa Florio 1971 - £49.00
(Chip to rear corner of box)

FLY GB02 Porsche 917 Spyder Interserie Champion 1971 - £26.00
(Insert card not shown in picture but is supplied)

FLY Porsche 911RS 1st GT Class Hockenheim 1972 - £38.00

FLY Porsche 911S Jarama 1970 - £28.00

FLY C61 908/3 1st 1000KM Nurburgring 1971 - £36.00

FLY C55 Porsche 917K Watkins Glen 1970 - £60.00

FLY C16 Porsche 908 Martini 5th Zeltweg 1970 - £38.00

FLY GB03 Porsche Spyder Interserie 1971 - £26.00
(No Insert Card - Pic shows insert but this was a mistake)

FLY C13 Porsche 908 BP 4th Zeltweg 1969 - £38.00
(Small crack to rear of box)

FLY C3 Ferrari 512S 8th Buenos Aires 1971 - £60.00

FLY A931 Porsche 911S 1st Rally Montecarlo 1970 - £38.00
(No Insert card)

FLY C47 Porsche 908 Flunder LH Le Mans 1969 - £38.00
(No insert card) (Crack to rear and side of box)

FLY Ferrari 250LM Targa Florio 1966 - £38.00

FLY Porsche 908 Flunder 6h Watkins Glen 1974 -£38.00
(small crack to corner of box rear)

FLY C81 Porsche 917K 9h Kyalami 1971 - £48.00

FLY A161 Porsche 917/10 Interserie 1973 - £38.00
(Crack to rear of box)

FLY E1801 Ferrari 250 GTO Targa Florio 1962 - £38.00

FLY A1401 Porsche 917LH 24hr Le Mans 1970 - £60.00

FLY Ferrari 250LM 1st Surfers Paradise 1966 - £38.00
(No insert card)

FLY Porsche Carrera 6 Vila Real 1971 - £38.00
(No insert card)

FLY C15 Porsche 908 1st Jarama 1970 - £38.00

FLY C59 Porsche 917K 24h Daytona 1970 - £45.00

FLY Porsche 911R Tour de France Auto 1970 - £38.00

FLY Porsche 908/3 Campeon Europea de montana 1973 - £34.00

FLY Porsche Carrera 6 1000Km Nurburgring 1968 - £38.00

FLY Alfa Romeo TZ2 Targa Florio 1966 - £38.00

FLY C56 Porsche 917K 1000Kms Osterreichring 1970 - £38.00

FLY Porsche 917K Vila Real 1971 - £52.00

FLY Porsche Carrera 6 12h Sebring 1967 - £38.00

FLY C2 Ferrari 512S 4th Imola 1970 - £48.00

FLY Porsche 911 Carrera 24h Le Mans 1973 - £36

FLY Porsche 917 LH 24h Le Mans 1971 - £48.00

FLY Porsche 917 LH 24h Le Mans 1971 - SOLD

FLY C1 Ferrari 512S 2nd Monza 1970 - £48.00

FLY Porsche 917K 2nd 9h Kyalami 1970 - £48.00
(No insert card)

FLY Porsche 908/2 200 Meilen von Nurnberg - £28.00

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3 cars sold. Plenty still available. Roll up, roll up, get em now etc.
Alfa now sold. Cheers.

(Is there any way I can edit the original email so I can change the sold ones to SOLD? I was able to the first day but can't seem to do it now. Ta.
FLY Porsche 917 LH 24h Le Mans 1971 - £48.00 (Vic Elford) now sold. Thanks.
Just for the record, I'm happy to send these cars overseas. I've already sent one to Australia and a couple to Canada so if you're interested just PM me and I can find out the postage costs for you.
A1401 Porsche 917LH 24 hours Le mans 1970 sold. Many thanks.
I'm going to bump this for the last day and I'll take them down after that so if anyone's interested in the cars that remain just drop me a PM.
Cheers guys
Ok, this is done and dusted. Stick a fork in it etc. I will be auctioning the remaining cars on Ebay so thanks to everyone who brought from here and I hope to see some of you on Ebay.

Goodnight and goodbye.
1 - 8 of 12 Posts
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