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Fly Classic upgrades

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When Fly Classics first came out I bought a fair few of them and always raced them with the magnets on my home track. I'm now on a mission to set them up for non mag racing on Colchester's Carrera track.

I've already got one car running well (Porsche 908) by doing the usual things but using all the original parts except for a front axle rather than the stub axles, ortmann tyres on the rear and Slot it Ferrari 312 rear tyres on the front. I plan to upgrade to a Slot it rear axle on a few of them but can't decide what wheels to use. Can anyone recommend what Slot it ones will look most accurate please?

A lot of the cars tyres have gone rock hard and oily and need replacing. Obviously when I'm changing to Slot it rear wheels as above I can buy some tyres to suit those wheels but as I will be using the original front wheels can anyone recommend a decent low grip front tyre for them? To add to this I am currently working on a Ferrari 512 and have put a solid front axle in but every tyre I have tried so far won't touch the track, so I need something with a high enough profile. In the meantime I will try the tyres on the front of my Porsche 908 (as above) and see if they will do the job but any other idea's welcome.


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Hi Pete,

I've also got a number of Fly Classics, all were purchased new except the Ferrari 512S which had had some use, I've done the
usual front axle swap on several cars, on my 512S I found the same problem you're talking about, I checked a few of my other
Fly Classics and discovered that the guide on the Ferrari had a small step on it which my others didn't have, just doing a swap
much improved matters, check this out.

If this is the problem and you don't have a spare guide try a Slot-it guide SICH 26.

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