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Great work and write up swiss! Illuminating and informative.

Also sorry to Darainbow - looks like there IS a 'replacement' chip from Carrera, although the confusion is caused by Carrera's insistance that they will not supply a conversion chip for other cars! (I wonder whether they are intending the chip for conversions, or simply expecting a lot of the chips in the cars to blow up due to cheap components

Carrera's 'spin' on being the rolls royce of slot cars has totally been blown out of the water for me. They seem to have provided a just-adequate system - number of cars, lack of brakes, lack of included lap counter/timer (a vital accesory for analogue imho, and even more important in digital) and just-passable electronics and digital protocol.

It works after a fashion and I wish people luck with their sets. From all accounts so far, the Scalextric SSD system seems far more well thought out, expandable, and initially comprehensive, even if the range of track pieces and LCs is presently very limited.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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