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Fly Ferrari 365GTB Disc Brakes

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Fly have confirmed that a number of these models have been issued without the disc brakes fitted. If your model does not have them, email me with your name and address and I can send a set to you.

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Thanks Aaron for taking good care of not only your own customers but of others in former colonies. I also wish you the best about your personal matters.

Philippe de Lespinay
Electric Dreams
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Hi, I appreciate the "after sales" service, the two 365 I have don't have disks either.But I won't bother you with asking these items.
On the other hand there are more urgent matters to rectify to the 365 than the
missing disks.What about the square wheels & tires.The position of the flag,
the grip of the rear tires when running without a magnet.(The only realistic
way to me to drive this kind of car).To end with a positive note; the body is great
apart from the varnish.(Sorry,here I go again.....)

Thanks for the Daytona disc sets! I know its not cheap to mail them to the USA and im very grateful!

41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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