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Hello Everyone -

I'm not really into buying rally cars - I'm more an F1 and Sports car racing fan. I don't know, I'm kinda sad to hear that this, and I wonder if other future FLY or FlySlot cars will lack some of the great details that made us fans of FLY's cars to begin with. No full interior, poor tampo printing, less details... I know these things don't increase the speed, or handling, but they are the neat things that make us choose one brand over another. Not all of us in the hobby are out and out speed freaks. Still, I believe it's more important that a slot car that runs well, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the added realism to a model.

Much of the detail and finish that we see in the best cars of today (ie: Sideways, Racer and, etc.) can be attributed to FLY starting that trend. These companies managed to give better performance and keep the cool details. Maybe I'm being a bit nostalgic, and I hate to see the company that got me interested in getting into the hobby, is now gone - or at least a shadow of it's former self. Oh well.

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