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Aaron...As i have already said...I really do appreciate your efforts. Being in the UK and myself in the US, there really is not a reason for you to do all this...but I do understand what you mean and what you have done so far may just keep me reconsidering Fly products in the near future.

Something to consider here is what I posted on the thread about the BMW CSL...

"As many are seeing here in the US, many dealers are now putting disclaimers on their websites stating unless you request the cars be completely checked out (at additional cost in some cases), either no return or a huge restocking fee WILL be assessed. You can say..."don't buy from them" but if you are a first time buyer from that dealer and glaze over a sight with out reading the fine (and in some cases I DO mean fine) print, you're screwed, blued and tatooed!

When you buy from a dealer, most manufactures require you go back through your dealer before going to them. So when you buy a particular companies product from a dealer and the dealer refuses you, you only have one option to go through the manufacture. Not so easy when you are dealing with companies that are overseas from the US then add to it that your emails get lost in the great data transfer and no reply is ever received"

The consumers and dealers here do not want the hassle of having to go back through Scalextric-USA to get to FLY. sometimes it is easier (at least in one's own mind) to either shelf the car of attempt to fix it themselves. neither of which should have to happen on a consistent basis.

This type of thing is seen in diecast as well and most frustrating. Beleive me...anyone about to consider dealing with Exoto and their new slot car ventures will soon find out. They do not recognize returns for ANY reason, whether damaged, dealer orders mis-fulfilled or any other number of reasons. At least it is that way with their diecast and almost all the diecast dealer network has given up on them. I only hope tht it will not be that way for the Slot car Dealers.
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