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ok - I agree with jonny that it seems to be a very good initiative taken by aaron. But I would like to say that I have contacted some manufacturers - those that I have contacted have never actually responded to my queries directly - when someone has responded they have failed to adress the issues I made and just sent me promotion material or 'we will look into it'. Now I can tell you that still two years later the following models are exactly the same.... looking into things is a tedious task for some... obviously.

What I mean with this is that it seems to me that companies like you have a much bigger influence on the manufacturer than I have as a customer. The reason being that I as a customer seem to become 'one odd individual' and therefore not taken seriously enough. While companies like yours can show a manufacturer a number of complaints from a larger number of customers and therefore the influence would be greater.

One company even suggested in an email to me that 'since I live in the UK' their european offers where not valid - yes I did very quickly remind them of that even thought UK is an island it is one of the founding members of the EU... They eventually gave in on that particular issue (but they charged extra for the 'benefit'.

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