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Fly GT40 in October

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October starts tomorrow, doesn't it!

This and other Fly anticipations from
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Hmmm, you ask me, you didn't but hell that ain't ever going to stop me, but Fly are probably made already.

Me, I tell myself I'm waiting for that Tergal livery but I may dip my hand in my pocket for one sooner.

Of course the proof of the pudding with this one is whether they can survive being sent through the post: two of my four Scalextric ones arrived damaged, bits floating around in the box, the one that I kept for me-self I've stopped glueing the bits that break off back on. I think this was the one I coined the phrase "Fragile missile" for.

Funny, but with more running most of my Fly classics carry less damage. Go figure.
Aw, this feels like a proper, proper board now, what with Mope making mad posts and all.

Cheers, Mope. I feel I'm home now!
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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