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Fly GT40 in October

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October starts tomorrow, doesn't it!

This and other Fly anticipations from
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QUOTE Scalextric like qualities as a minimum

shyeah right..

it wont make or break fly.. they are made, if anyone has to be made it is scalex.

HOWEVER looks whats due.. TVR Tuscan or GT40? bugger me my moneys going scalex's way! I would take a TVR any day, like I would have an original mini compared to a new one same with the beetle, mitsubishi lancers, Impreza's and mostly cars in general.. it's not I cant afford them, it's the fact that old skool appeals more to me! that's why I like Cobra's, Escorts, sierras, lancias and stuff that was totally "why did they make them?" kind of cars!

p.s QUOTE Did some of us have a liquid lunch today
er couldnt possibly comment
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