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Fly GT40 in October

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October starts tomorrow, doesn't it!

This and other Fly anticipations from
Slot Center
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I'm just doing a little check on forecasts.
Only four days to the end of the second week in October!
I wonder what Monday will bring?
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We haven't heard anything else about the Fly GT40's, so I would of thought it unlikely that we will see any of them next week.

On a related note, the Scalextric German GT40 Sport Edition is due soon (next couple of weeks).

Slot City.
QUOTE I wonder what Monday will bring?

Well you KNOW it won't be a GT40 from Fly.

That release is the Unicorn of the Slot World.

One day I am going to say this and be proved totally wrong, but till then I will continue to risk having to eat humble pie..
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But another Fly GT40 BODY has been seen at Hobby Visions, Las Vegas USA in the last few days!
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Well, well, well!
It is beginning to look as though Slot Center's October forecast might just be met - IF latest rumors are to be believed. But are they? There are still almost two weeks left in October. Teasers from Scale Racing LLC, with pics of a bare body in Gulf colors, now rumor has it that it is to be the black one!
We live in interesting times!
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21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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