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Ah, Lola...

I love this car! Great tips from all.

Nothing much new to add - spacers (if nec.), mag out, weight (1/4 oz) upfront, check front stubs, check to ensure guide is free and wires not restricted by weight, drop of light oil on rear brushings, sand rear tyres lightly under power, return body and run.

Make sure you get the transmission bit back under the screw properly on re-assembly or it can easily work loose and maybe dissapear!

Also note, the rear winglets can chip on a "severe" roll over or crash. Note the curved off wing tips on the red car in pic two, a little post crash surgery (carve to round with exacto knife and sand) to repair damage and return 'symmetry' to the beast!

Best, Ken R
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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