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You could start by gluing down the bushings on the rear axle-if my mind serves me well this car is a sidewinder? If you wanted high improvements in performance you might want to get a new Slot It rear axle system first. This is just a small insight into the improvements, I dont have one of these cars but many other people will be able to help you.

QUOTE (c5r @ 24 Oct 2004, 17:18)I just purchased my first Fly Classic and need some advice. I have the Lola T70 C39. I would like to make this a smooth running car. Quickness is important, but the handling is what I wish to improve first. I would like to do this and keep it as close to box stock as possible.
It will be running on a hard, smooth plastic surface with stainless rails. Power supply will be 12 volt and I currently use Parma 35 ohm controllers. All suggestions appreciated.
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