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In addition to all the good advice already given, I found I could drop the body by a significant mm or so by removing a lot of the 'invisible' engine/spare wheel/suspension detail and filing away a bit of the cockpit underside. Shave down ALL the body mount posts and reassemble with loose screws and the whole mobile looks better with a lower stance on the track, and handles much better too. Out of the box it's a bit too 'tail-up' for my liking, with a lot of space between the rear tyres and the body.
I don't miss what I can't see, and it's all gone to good use in the spares box! The rear tyres are well within the body and I havn't had any tyre rubbing problems.
Never leave anything alone, I say!
By the way, I like the Fly Penske Blue- how does it compare with the new ProtoSlot T70... other thread!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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