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Hi Slots-o-fun,

When I have removed the Fly March tyres I have used the same technique that I use for other makes. Pull one "side" of the tyre's circumference off the rim, then turn the wheel and slip the other side off. Then slide/pull the tyre off the wheel.

A few points to consider though:
The wheels are just push fit and sometimes do slide off the axle.

If the wheel does come off it is easier to remove/fit the tyres when it is off the axle.

The printing on the tyres does rub off quite easily and so when pulling/sliding the tyre, try and keep your fingers away from the Good Year.

The front suspension/steering mechanism is quite delicate and so be careful when removing/replacing these tyres.

As a side issue I believe that the March rear tyres are slightly different from the Williams rears. They can be swapped but the March ones just do not seem to sit right on the William's hubs.

Good Luck!!

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