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FLY news 2005

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There's a preproduction pic of the upcoming 911, do I see correctly that there's a pinion peeking BEHIND the spur gear? A true rear-engined 911? It looks to be sitting a bit "high" in the chassis so this might be just a reflection of the flash...
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Just remember it took Fly about 4 years to realise their GT-40 from the first release of catalogue pics and early "spy" shots of resin prototypes.

Love the ambition. Porsche 917LH, 906, BMW M1 all will make their way into my home at some point provided they don't gork the final model.

Fly have been curiously "off" in some of their models of late, the 365GTB being the most obvious... so we'll see.

I am fickle enough to have passed on the above mentioned Ferrari, even though I was most looking forward to this release.

Go Fly!

There's enough good news today on the 2005 front to begin planning the new storage cabinet!!!!

Cheers, Ken R
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