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FLY news 2005

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There's a preproduction pic of the upcoming 911, do I see correctly that there's a pinion peeking BEHIND the spur gear? A true rear-engined 911? It looks to be sitting a bit "high" in the chassis so this might be just a reflection of the flash...
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Regarding the 917LH: Come on, Fly, you can do better than that!

I suppose they tried to make a copy of a 1970-body, but they got it all wrong

Especially the front-light covers are just WRONG. They´ve taken the 917K front and new front plate with new louvres and just added the new tail! I hope they make a new front and put things right

On this site you can see the REAL Porsche 917LH and how its supposed to look!!! , scroll down to Le Mans.
The BMW M1 looks good, though

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