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FLY news 2005

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There's a preproduction pic of the upcoming 911, do I see correctly that there's a pinion peeking BEHIND the spur gear? A true rear-engined 911? It looks to be sitting a bit "high" in the chassis so this might be just a reflection of the flash...
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I am tempted by the 911 due to interest in the engine position! Main thing I am looking forwards to is the Carrera 6 / 906 - although just found an MRRC bodyshell off ebay - so if that turns out great, might pass on the latter!
Totally agree with GT40II.

It is sad when Fly cut corners on livery details and localisation of a model, but it is sadder still when they cut corners on the original pattern, considering how many liveries they are going to churn out of it.

I prefer zero squashing, and find mild squashing acceptable to my eyes. Fly GT40 for me went too far, and then they went further still with the Ferrari Daytona (looks to me like some of those american 1980s hot-rodders got to it and halved the height of the drivers cabin). Its good that some people like it though.
I think the gt40 and daytona may have been fly's low point
... models released since then appear to me to be better proportioned again
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1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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