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FLY news 2005

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There's a preproduction pic of the upcoming 911, do I see correctly that there's a pinion peeking BEHIND the spur gear? A true rear-engined 911? It looks to be sitting a bit "high" in the chassis so this might be just a reflection of the flash...
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i like the fact that FLY have put the motor in the right place on the 911 - should have some 'interesting' handling characteristics, just like the real thing !

lancia 037 & renault turbo 5 - mmm'm lovely - now we can recreate those early group B days

BMW M1 - wow this should be fab, looks like they talk about liveries including BASF, map of france + others (hope they do a 'procar' works livery with the motorsport stripes)

2005 could be a bit expensive in slot terms

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1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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