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FLY news 2005

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There's a preproduction pic of the upcoming 911, do I see correctly that there's a pinion peeking BEHIND the spur gear? A true rear-engined 911? It looks to be sitting a bit "high" in the chassis so this might be just a reflection of the flash...
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I love the "squashed" look of the FLY GT-40 and Ferrari Daytona. The FLY GT-40 looks more "real" to me than the scalectric version although I'm not intereted in measuring with a micrometer. I think the daytona is one of their most beautiful cars.

When you shrink something to 1/32nd of its real size you need to take some creative liscence to trick the eye. Taller cars end up looking like toys even if they are more "scale accurate". Being at the top of this game, FLY has endured some heat but I appreciate what they are doing with their designs.
QUOTE (GT40MKII @ 15 Nov 2004, 19:33)When I hear the comment I like quashed cars (quashed Flys). I think too each his own. But please do not tell me that because it is reduced to 1/32 this is the reason for "artistic license". The only license that Fly Daytona deserves is the Turner prize for modern art. Because it sure takes a cars overall shape to new heights of fantasy. You do not need a micrometer to know the overall shape is not right. I myself, would not be a rivet counter, but I cannot stand slotcars or other 'models' coming out on the market now and calling themselves accurate when the basic overall shape is wrong! The Scalextric and Fly Ford GT40s all suffer with this. Scalextric adds spoilers too the Gulf lemans winner. Why it never ran with them on in 1968/69 Lemans! Flys MkII snorkels on the rear deck should be the same colour as the body! These are two minor errors. But, when Tooling and production costs interfere with the scale appearance thus turning a model into a toy. Then the price especially Fly's should be substantially lower to reflect this. But there again I am realistic enough that to know that any of the cars that are adaptations of existing tooling i.e. Fly 917 to Langheck will be compromises. Just how accurate slotcars are is summed up in my experience. Talking with Mrs Piper at the Goodwood Revival meeting, I showed her the Flys 917 David Piper team set. She said that they had told Fly that the Piper BP Green they were using was wrong. They offer help with the colour to no avail. My feeling are that of take the money and run. I am saddened by this attitude. I suppose I have come to expect too much from the manufacturers. My be they will change in the future?
Regards Allan

1) Buy what you like

2) Trash what you dont like (optional)

3) Enjoy!

I think the model captures this body shape VERY well.
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