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Here is my 917 routine and a simple test for "understeering" slots.

By understeer I mean a car that tends to pop out of the slot and go straight on, usually on corner entry...and usually randomly or unexpectedly.

I have about 6 or 7 917's and at least 2 were what I would call ill handling beasts at first and the ill handling was front end and understeering related.

I also have a Lancia Beta with the same issue. Just wants to pop out and go straight.

NOTE: all cars a NON-Mag and I run on a permanent, Ninco track which I would categorize as slightly bumpy in places.

My standard maintenance/set up for the 917: take out magnet, add a spacer shim to rear axle to eliminate side to side slop, place a 1/4oz weight in the front end up between the stubs, a drop of oil on the brushings and gears and replace the body (don't tighten screws fully), true the rear tyres slightly with sand paper

After this routine the 917 is a pretty decent ride! Slides nice, good punch and looks GREAT...

As for the UNDERSTEER, try this with any car which suffers from this. Take off the front tyres and give the car a run. You will have just the guide and rear tyres in contact.

Most times you will notice the car dials right in.

If this is the case then you need to true and sand down the front tyre dimension or replace the fronts with smaller diameter tyres so the font end "ride height" is lowered ever so slightly.

This will keep the guide in the slot more and reduce if not eliminate the problem. Its amazing what difference 1 mm or 2 will have on this issue.

If the car keeps popping out with the fronts removed, then you likely have a guide or chasis issue...(one I've never encountered).

My 917's with the initial issue are now free of the understeer and I didn't have to bother with the front axle replacement.

Cheers, Ken R
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