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I'm having difficulty getting my Fly Porsche 917K to handle in an acceptable manner. So far I have shimmed the rear axle and replaced the two front axle stubs with a single straight axle.

The car handles as if it is equipped with huge off road knobby front tires. That is, the front end bounces up and down the entire way around, no matter what the speed. I've determined that it's not a fundamental chassis problem, as the car performs perfectly without the body. Rather, it's a weight distribution problem. It's simply too light in the front end. As many of you know, the body of the 917K is comparatively heavy. One solution is to remove the spare tire, but I prefer to run the car as it is. I thought the obvious, sure fire answer would be to add weight to the front end. Space is limited, but I was able to squeeze in about fourteen grams of lead on either side of the guide (two pieces, seven grams each), but the result is a marginal improvement, at best.

Do all Fly 917K's run this way, or am I just unlucky? If the former is the case, then I'll not be purchasing anymore, despite this being my all time favourite car. A true shame.

Fly 917K's are expensive, and becoming difficult to find. I don't mind the chase, or even having to spend a premium, but given all that, can't one expect a car that runs?

Perhaps Scalextric will obtain the license, and build 'em properly.

Thanks for any advice you may provide.

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