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hi, guys

while we are on the subject of Fly performance and fixes...I have largely avoided Fly's because of what I heard. I did try the Vette, which was clunky (felt "heavy" when you try to accelerate*) and noisy (god awful noisy**)...and I have a GB Track number "0" 917 that came as a freebie when I bought my track(the white one, I should remember the driver but I don't, Joest?). I love the little rascal!! ARe the 917 and T70 Fly's closer to that, or to the quality and performance? You would think they are the same vintage but...are they? Or is it a different animal altogether?


*I am using Professor Motor Silver series controllers, Carrera Track and the PM Loco power supply, plus power taps every 15 feet

**I never did shim the axle, but did glue the rear axle bearings in place
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