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I have one Fly car. It is a 917K. I've always loved the 917K ever since I was a kid. I can literally blast the DVD version of the movie LeMans loud enough to make your ears hurt and thoroughly love it. It drives my wife nuts, but that is the best racing movie ever.

So anyway, back to the Fly 917K. Fly cars look awesome, very awesome. My 917K ran so bad out of the box, I am afraid to purchase any of their other offerings. The rear subchassis (motor cradle and rear axle assembly) was actually sitting in the car crooked. I had to use heat (read and open flame) to bend the body mounting post straight so the rear subframe would sit correctly. I still need to replace the out of round and broken rear wheels. I did have to tighten up the front stub axles a lot. The car runs pretty well now except for the wobble at the rear thanks to the busted wheels. I wasted lots of time trying to true up the rear tires.

I'd rather pay less for a lesser looking but better running slot car anyday. That's just my experience, your results may vary (standard disclaimer).
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