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Fly Porsche Joest

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What a fun class !!! Fast little racers driven to their max..such fun, such fun.

Race report to follow by either Mike or myself..

For now here the results:

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This is one of the club classes that we run I order to make slot car racing attractive to newcomers. These cars are Fly Joest Porsches (sidewinder) very generously supplied and prepped by our very own Rick.

Unfortunately, there were just the three of us on the evening, but never mind, you only need two to race! So on to the racing!

First off saw Mike in red simply running away from Rick in green with Sandra in blue and taking the win by over 2 laps after 50 fast and furious laps.

Next up, saw Mike running in yellow, his very own personal Nemesis or the Devils Lane as Sandra calls it. Yellow is easily the most unpopular lane for everyone, but Mike seems to struggle in this lane like no one else! The lights went red then it was a three way false start! This time, the roles were reversed with Sandra in green and Rick in red enjoying their own personal race for the chequered flag while Mike sunk ever deeper into his very own pool of misery that yellow has become for him trailing in no less than 10laps adrift.

Next it was Mike in blue, Sandra in red and Rick in yellow, time to race! The start saw Mike take a lead which he held for several laps but Sandra is Queen of the Wood Track and she is relentless once she gets into the groove or in this case, the slot! While Rick was fairing pretty well in yellow, he couldnt get up with Sandra and Mike but Mike simply couldnt stay with Sandra who went on to take the win by 2 laps from Mike with Rick a little further adrift.

Last race of the evening for the Fly Joest Porsches saw Mike getting a cracking start in green with Rick in blue and Sandra taking the pain in yellow...... Except Sandra hadnt read the script and was going well in yellow while Mike and Rick edged away at the front. At the flag it was Mike taking a second win with 2laps separating him from Rick and Sandra uncomfortably close behind.

The results show that Sandra took the overall win from Rick with Mike in third place. The lap time were pretty impressive in the mid 5 second area and they handles really well, well done Rick for some very nicely set up cars!

As we had some time on our hands, we decided to run a sprint event for Open GTs over 20 laps. It was a case of run wot-u-brung so Rick has his NSR Mosler, Sandra had her Thunderslot Lola and Mike had his Sideways BMW M1 An eclectic mix of cars for sure!

Well as you can see from the times, Mike managed to improve his yellow bogie lane and Rick was as fast as ever getting a sub 5 second lap but will you look at Sandras results! She was on fire with her Thunderslots Lola being almost uncatcheable!

We run our track at 11.5 volts and we think it is probably more than enough power wise but the results of the impromptu Open GT show that the two mega quick sidewinders of Mike and Rick were simply no match for a well set up and driven sidewinder.

A good nights racing was had by all, welll done Sandra, she is a demon on wood!
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Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Toy

Yeah - These cars ran well & they're only gonna get faster.
The 'Green-Can' motors aren't run in At'all & the rear axle lateral movement is slightly tight on 2 of the cars.
Next outing I'm hoping to have them all re-sprayed to colour coordinate to the lanes.
Definitely a Fast, Fun Class 🙂👍✌


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FLY Joest Porsches
Scale Automotive tire Toy Postal scale Automotive exterior
Light Blue Hood Automotive lighting Measuring instrument
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood
Light Motor vehicle Black Yellow Wheel

10'Grms extra ballast seems like LOTS, But I'm making the cars as 'Newbie-Friendly' as possible.
There's still some very basic tuning to do & I'm expecting the cars to be running Sub 5.5'Scnd laps on their next outing, which is Fine for a still Sub £20 car. The 'Green-Can' motors are spinning approx 22'k with medium torque levels, fitted up with a 10* brass pinion.



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I quite liked them as they were. Now they gonna be slugs?
'Slugs' - what you on about Slot-Fräulien ?
This is how the chassis were when we raced them.
I think you're thinking that I'm adding extra weight from when we raced = Have Zero Concerns. The chassis had the 10'grms weight in them when we raced them. 82'grms is still quite light, weight wise, for a Slot Car, especially with the 'Hop-Up' motors fitted in. Without the ballast they'd be Way To Twitchy for Newbies 👍
Next outing they'll be lane colour coordinated & Faster 😋👍🤙✌
Ahh, okay then..
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