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Fly have just released their schedule for 2004 up until Christmas. Prices and pictures will follow when available.

A412 88121 Porsche 908 flunder LH white and blue
TEAM 08 96042 Team Alfa Romeo-spain 147
A782 88114 Alfa Romeo 156 ETCC Ruberti yellow
E684 96048 BMW CSL ArtCar Calder in special box
C89 88117 Porsche 917K Martini silver
FLY 25 07039 Capri racing
C73 88118 Ferrari 512S codalunga metal
TRUCK 51 08028 MAN Webasto blue
A671 88136 Ferrari Daytona street version yellow

C94 88119 Lola T70 ToadHall blue
A77 88120 Porsche GT1-98 Warsteiner FIA GT white

A206 88113 Dodge Viper IGOL-Festina blue
TEAM 09 Team F.Daytona Thompson LM
A655 Ferrari Daytona Thompson LM white and red
FLY 44 Lola Racing R new rims
A625 BMW 320 ETCC A.García blanco/azul
TRUCK 32 Mercedes black and siilver
A685 BMW 3.5 CSL metal
S300 Viper 2 millions numbered

A207 Dodge Viper FIA GT 03 #18
TRUCK71 Buggyra CEPSA-FLY Jarama 2003 red
A207 L Dodge Viper FIA GT 03 #18 with lights
TEAM 10 Team Autodelta Alfa 156
A783 Alfa Romeo 156 ETCC 2003 Autodelta red
E83 Viper 10th anniversary Interkits
A801 Alfa Romeo GTV bertone Osona 76red/white

A 15 Venturi tiles
TRUCK 72 Buggyra blue
A901 Porsche 911RS LM Keyser yellow
A802 Alfa GTV Bertone
S81 Porsche 917K Compte Rossi silver (box)
E901 Porsche 911 MasSlot magazine
FLY 45 Lola racing R
LM 02 Porsche 917K Mickey LM Disney
LM 03 Ferrari 512S CL Donald LM Disney

A208 Dodge Viper LeMans 03 #68 black-red
A656 Ferrari Daytona #64 PLN-Minter-Chinetti
Alfa TV Alfa Romeo 147 GTA TV Camara
A961 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000
E685 BMW CSL ArtCar Stella
A931 Porsche 911T Waldegaard Montecarlo 70 red
FLY 45 Capri racing R
A185 Ford GT40


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Brian - modified? Completely new, see the previous threads here and here for full details. True enough that there have been many different liveries, but that is simply because the model is popular: popular enough for Scalextric to join in later in the year and add to the Viper collections!


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@lobsterboy - actually, they released a small catalogue at the beginning of the year detailing what models would be made in the next 6 months up until June, and in the main they have carried out the schedule very well. There will always be additions to the list as different companies get their own limited editions arranged, but in the main, as of late, Fly have been very good at giving us a schedule and sticking to it.


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no problem mo55man, I will post a note here if and when they print them and distribute them to SF members who want them.

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