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BMW Art Cars did race at Le Mans- well the CSLs and M1 at least. Late 80s/early 90's cars didn't, but the last one (Protect Me Form What I Want) LMP car ran at least in qualifying,if not the race, during the ALMS in 1999 I believe.

In my time at BMW I heard that Warhol had done a CSL, but that car got overtaken by the rules, so never transfered to full size race car. They then tried to get him to do the M1. He surveyed the car, walking arond the large scale, plain white model several times before stopping and saying, "It's prefect as it is".

History records that an M1 with Warhol livery did race, but not how much more BMW had to pay to get him to do it.... (Maybe SCX can get in on the party with a re-livery of the M1 as next year's Vintage edition.

The worst one, in my view, is the Z1 by Penck. I'm not saying I could do better, I'm saying anybody could do better.

I was still at BMW when they commisioned Hockney to do a car. As part of the promotion we ran a kids competition with BBC Blue Peter and the kids section of The Sunday Times. The winner had a full-size 850i painted in their design, but sadly only on top of a temporary coating. My leaving present from BMW GB was a 1/43 scale diecast hand-painted with the winning kids livery. It is still one of my favourite models.
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