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Fly tampo mistake

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Hi everyone; have you ever seen one of these Fly Ferrari 512 with such tampo mistake? What you believe I should do with it , try to change? keep it?

left side :

right side :

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Thank you Nuro! No one there among us had seen it previously, and what a fast reply!
I am amazed !
When I got this car (ref C29) I had exactly the same thought process and posted it. Interesting discussion developed not about that particular car but about tampo/colour 'mistakes' and the rarity/value of them because of this.

My friend Tony Adamowicz drove the car with his accomplice Sam Posey. We were just talking about this particular 512 LM, and reminiscence was good. Unfortunately, the car was a dog compared to the 917...

Mr. Pea
I remember that it was a replacement or a fix during the race. Perhaps something to do with silver duct-tape (did that stuff exist in 1970?).
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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this was reflective tape and designed so the number could be read as it passed the pits.
That's right. The number panel was electroluminescent, but it failed betweem practice and race, and they could only fix it with this gaffer-tape method.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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