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Hi -

I have a number of Fly cars in my collection - a ferrari 512 long tail, a couple of porsche 917 and a lola T70.

They all raced like poo out of the box, but a lot of tinkering and tuning and they are pretty good now.

I am fairly new to slot racing tho, and haven't explored the world of tyres yet. I have noticed that fly tyres dont seem to true the way others (scalextric, carerra, revell) do - they dont seem to sand down at all, and their texture is quite different.

My general feeling is that they are giving less grip than other tyres (though the performance difference between other cars could be down to other factors), and if so who makes better ones that will fit my cars? and do they do ones with firestone and goodyear markings on them?

ps - I do hope when they bring out the gt40s, they come set up a bit better, it always feels mean pulling the wheels off a new car to put spacers in.


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