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Fly only made four sets of tyres for their whole range when the Venturi came out, so it should be the same as the Marcos and Corvette and Porsche GT1 range. If they are smaller then maybe the Venturi has the same hubs on the front and the back? Do your front tyres fit on the back?

If this is the case then what you need is a front axle/tyre spare parts pack for either the Marcos, Corvette, Porsche GT1 range, or even Saleen. Also, any SlotIt/NSR or Ninco front tyres should fit as the hub spine and width should be either exactly the same. Gaugemaster have these in stock.

But if you are at all unsure, then simply drop a mail to the UK distributor (Gaugemaster) or to Pendleslotracing.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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