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Hey folks,
After mucking about in ultimate racer 3.0 I have learned that there is a bit of thinking required behind where and how to place flyovers/underpasses in ones layout as regards visibility of the surrounding track.

I am going two lane analogue, and to avoid disputes I think its is essential to have equal lane length! which of course means a flyover/underpass would be necessary.

If you have or know of any good pictures showing good use of these I'd really appreciate it if you could post a link!


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Some people can't draw a track layout on a sheet of paper and visualize it as it would look when built. With sectional track you can just lay out the flat sections without actually connecting them and connect the elevated sections before you commit to connecting everything. If you were building a routed track it would be a good idea to get some heavy paper and cut that out to match your proposed layout, better paper than MDF!
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