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As you may know, three different Banana Joe's Lola's should be released in the coming weeks.

Spirit has already brung their Lola B2K/10 that Intersport raced for several years with two different engines : a Ford or a Judd.

Scalextric will very shortly issue their livery of the MG Lola that Intersport raced for the last two years.

Fly's version of the Lola T98 is just out. It can be seen on Gaugemaster's site.

They have Cartrix's NSX as well.

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Damn! I called into Gaugemaster on the way back from the slot car fun day at Worthing this afternoon and I didn't see the Hondas. I hadn't bought anything either and if I had seen them it would have been hard to resist, even though it would have meant paying full whacking retail. Still, it means my usual supplier should get them early this week, and at a "club discount"

Their "broken box specials" crate was almost empty, too!

One thing I did notice on their spares wall was the huge variance in the cost of packaging. A Mabuchi can in a Pink Kar packet costs £3, in a Hornby one £4.50 and in a Fly one £11!

Cheers Mr.M
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