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found on gaugemaster#s website:

Standard Cars
FLY A169 88103 Porsche 917/10 Gulf Livery (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A183 88087 Ford GT40 Le Mans 1969 £39.95
FLY A184 88100 Ford GT40 Le Mans 1966 Ickx (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A205 88109 Viper Petit LM01 No19 (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A364 88102 Marcos LM600 Fly BGTC (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A508 88096 Lola B98/10 MGM Green (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A545 88099 CorvetteC5-R Stanford Purple/Yellow (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A562 88088 Corvette C5 Cabrio Yellow £48.00
FLY A623 88090 BMW 320 Belgium GT (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A623L 99007 BMW 320 Belgium GT with lights (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A624 88107 BMW 320 ETCC Macau (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A653 88089 Ferrari Daytona Carrefour (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A654 88111 Ferrari Daytona No 38 (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A682 88086 BMW 3.5 CSL Le Mans 1976 £39.95
FLY A683 88095 BMW 3.5 CSL Le Mans 1976 (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A684 88110 BMW 3.5 CSL Coca Cola (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A721 88082 Alfa Romeo 147 GTA 2003 £39.95
FLY A722 88083 Alfa Romeo 147 GTA 2003 £39.95
FLY A723 88112 Alfa Romeo 147 GTA (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A741 88093 Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Street Version (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A741L Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Street Version with lights (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A743 88105 Alfa Romeo 147 GTA White (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A762 88091 Ford GT40 Mk11 1966 No3 (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A763 88106 Ford GT40 Mk11 Le Mans (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A781 88108 Alfa 156 GTA ETCC 2003 (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A84 88104 Chrysler Viper Oreca (Price To Be Announced)
FLY A84L 99008 Chrysler Viper Oreca with lights (Price To Be Announced)
FLY C101 88092 Porsche 908/3 Lufthansa (Price To Be Announced)
FLY C40 88098 Porsche 908/2 Sebring 1970 (Price To Be Announced)
FLY C72 88097 Ferrari 512S LM70 Red Number 6 (Price To Be Announced)
FLY C88 88101 Porsche 917K Sebring 1970 (Price To Be Announced)

Fly Racing
FLY 00 07028 Porsche Gt1 Racing & Pro Hand Controller+Pro Con (Price To Be Announced)
FLY 06 07026 Saleen Fly Racing Black £44.95
FLY 07. 07033 Saleen Fly Racing (Price To Be Announced)
FLY 23 07027 Ford Capri Fly Racing (Price To Be Announced)
FLY 24 07029 Ford Capri Fly Racing (Price To Be Announced)
FLY 41 07030 Lola B98/10 White Fly Racing (Price To Be Announced)
FLY 42 07031 Lola B98/10 Yellow Fly Racing (Price To Be Announced)
FLY 43 07032 Lola B98/10 Fly Racing Tampo Printed (Price To Be Announced)

Special Editions
FLY E282 96043 BMW M3 Spanair £39.95
FLY E651 96031 Gaugemaster Special Edition Bmw 3.5 CSL & Ferrari 365 GTB £120.00
FLY E681 96034 H & T German Special Edition (Price To Be Announced)
FLY E781 96041 Alfa 156 GTA Limited Edition (Price To Be Announced)
FLY S2004 96033 Alfa 147 + 2004 Catalogue (Price To Be Announced)
FLY SM4 96037 Porsche Evo S.McQueen (Price To Be Announced)
FLY TEAM07 96040 Team Oreca (Price To Be Announced)
FLY W07 96039 Wynners Brian Redman (Price To Be Announced)
FLY TRUCK11 08027 Sisu Evs 2004 (Price To Be Announced)
FLY TRUCK22 08025 MB DEA-DKW Silver No7 (Price To Be Announced)
FLY TRUCK43 08024 Man Truck Haldex (Price To Be Announced)
FLY TRUCK48 08023 Man TR1400 Truck £46.95
FLY TRUCK49 08026 Man Hasseroder Yellow (Price To Be Announced)

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QUOTE (Intergrali @ 22 Jan 2004, 07:32 PM)QUOTE £39.95

thats ludacris!

... and thats not even for a special edition!!!!

I guess I've bought my last Fly car....

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Now you guys know what us dealers have to put up with !!

Imagine trying to order correctly on that lot, guessing which ones will sell (and how many) and which ones will inevitably bomb. Fly are getting ridiculous (in my opinion) with their releases, most of the guys who faithfully collected Fly are long gone on grounds of cost and hard to obtain some items, and Fly have their heads firmly in the sand beleiving their product is the most popular. Actually its at the top of the league for sales losses and continuing to pull further ahead.

Add the new lists from Scalextric (71 new cars listed so far this year, and we'll get a mid-year update on that) and all the other manufacturers (Ninco expect around 70 new cars, Carrera maybe 40, SCX maybe another 40) plus all the smaller manufacturers and specialists. Now you get some idea of the dealers position and the stock you expect us to carry because you might decide you want to buy a slot car. Of course, you'll want sets, accessories, tuning parts, track, and a limitless pit of knowledge and facts as well. And a discounted price !!

Some manufacturers have already caught a cold. Scalextric have a warehouse of GT40 Le Mans sets they can't sell because they got greedy and tried to jump the Limited Edition bandwagon. I can see in the near future that Scalextric cars will be dumped onto the market the same as Fly cars because of too many models that won't sell and too many cars produced of so-called Limited Editions. Scalextric are another company that thinks everyone will buy their products in preference to everything else. Get your heads out of the sand instead of over-producing, guys !

Ninco cars pile up in the warehouses because there is no advance sales because nobody knows what they are making, customers tend to commit themselves to buy what they know will be available and there is rarely money left over for last minute releases. Therefore the dealers can't afford to order many cars they don't have advance interest in, and Ninco sells less cars because of their secrecy policy.

I could go on (Vanquish cars are dead because they are out of scale, too many companies can't even give delivery dates and others are very unproffessional in other ways).

My point is, take a look at slot from a dealers perspective and wonder how long it can last. Who can recall this exact situation at the end of the 1960's ? Too much product, lots of it absolute crap, and prices hiked above what is reasonable because manufacturers beleive they got it right.

Oh dear, I've only been here for 2 days and I'm ranting like crazy....................

Gary, I think you have a very good point. Fly are now just too expensive there is no way I am going to even think about paying £40 for a standard slot car.


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Ranting already?

But you are so right on the button, not many Dealers are as outspoken, maybe someone somewhere will begin to listen ehh?

I promise NOT to ask for discount in future from any of you - from the looks of things, if I wait a few months I won't have to

My address, email addy and phone number for you to come ask me to take that stuff off your hands is....

See as many of you as possible at either London or Nüremburg Toy Fairs I hope. I would love to meet up with you all.
Look out for the poser in the SlotForum Tee shirt ( make that stinky SF Tee shirt if you catch me on the last day

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Gary, that is a totally fair point. The prices are getting crazy, scalex should be commended for not hiking up the prices, but the likes of ninco need to announce stuff!

there are no 2 ways about it, money is being lost here and lost there. If suppliers cant get cars in quick enough, the public starts moaning to the dealers, dealers moan to suppliers.

I noticed Guagemaster are now importing Spirit cars, so their lovely 512 should be easier to get hold of. Lets just hope we can get someone else to import Ninco now!


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QUOTE Oh dear, I've only been here for 2 days and I'm ranting like crazy....................

Guess you'll fit right in then.

There are several on that list that are must haves. To me they are definitely worth it. This is my only hobby, I don't smoke and I only drink a little wine - £40 for a car everynow and then ain't daylight robbery to my way of thinking.

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In terms of supply, the market is FLOODED!

For us, the end user, this is great, lots of choice and the LAW of supply and demand will work in our favour. Prices will reflect market demand (eventiually).

The wierdness of this market is while over supplied, cartain manufacturers are going UP & UP on the price.

This bubble they are artificially inflating WILL inevitbaly burst... it always does. The challenge is who will be left standing and who will be victims of the carnage.

In terms of manufacturers, they come they go and usually the principals have done well enough on the way up to compensate for the ride down. For them I don't feel too bad.

The distributors are riding the manufacturers wave and they have 100's of others to catch on to if they are at all adept at reading a market, so to them, same indifference.

It's the specialy retailers like Gary who oftent get caught out and this is a shame!! Picking an inventory is hard especially in this type of market, where the first one's holding the bag are the shop keepers...

Here's my only advice to the retailers out there...DON'T believe any manufacturer driven hyperbole!!!

Take a hard look at your customer base, past and recent purchasing patterns, rolling 12 month sales figures, break it out by manufacturer and product type.

YOUR past sales receipts are your number 1 buying tool. The data in there is gold and will guide what you buy in inventory going forward. Also look at any stale inventory. Whay hasn't it moved, what future offerings fit this description.

A 10% increase year over year in turnover is nothing to sneeze at. Buy accordingly.

Just because manufacturers double the offerings doesn't mean a doubling of sales (no matter what the distributors say)!

Cheers and good luck to the Gary's and Sean's of the world.

Ken R

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One can only hope that the '60's don't repeat themselves as Gary has suggested. One glimmer of hope is that the Internet has made the dissemination of information (and comment) much more accessible to both consumers and manufacturers, so that our dissatisfaction with the current trends is much more visible more readily. Intelligent manufacturers (is that an oxymoron in the slot world, sort of like "military intelligence"?) will have paid attention to the various forums and adjust their behavior accordingly.

Otherwise, they risk the oblivion they so justly deserve.


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Can I toss a fly in the ointment?

Ten, twelve years ago a certain Minichamps diecast range was introduced. The entire range fitted neatly on two sides of A4. I used to buy every one.

Now the catalogue is a 100 page book and with multiple editions each year. I just buy the ones I like and enjoy seeing the others.

And they are not alone.

So why is it the diecast market can grow and grow (apparently) but slot can't?

No offence to MRE or any other retailer, but is anyone marketing to more than the traditional slot buyer? Collectors probably can't afford to buy all the new Fly models, but why should collectors be the extent of the market?

Surely (Don't call me Shirley) more models means more choice means more chance of having a model that appeals to an new buyer. Hands up all those who, "got back into slots when I saw the (fill in recent model as appropriate)".

Yes, more models can mean greater stocking risk, but wider choice can also mean more customers.


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QUOTE For Sale.
One Slot Car Business!!!!!!
Only Joking!
Although i do echo most of Gary's sentiments. (By the way Gary is that your thoughtfull pose while studying the latest sales figures??)
I don't think that all the price increases can be levied squarely at Fly, the UK has been expensive in comparison to other EU countries for a number of years and it's not the dealers who are inflating the prices.
However, i firmly believe that the wider the choice - the more worldwide appeal.
Scalextric Moto GP is a prime example. the world of slot racing will be introduced to a massive number of motorbike enthusiasts.
There will be overstocks, from over production of certain less popular models but these will inevitably be released onto the market at 'less than trade prices' from manufacturers and distributors shelves similar to the large batch of FLY & GB track which found its way back into the UK from the States, or the half price sale of Carrera sets in Argos, in a strange way things like these keep up the interest levels for lots of racers and collectors. Which in turn will hopefully lead to future sales.

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Fly is pricing themselves out of business. I thought one of the local dealers was pulling my leg when he priced the new Fly cars he has at over $60 US, that's insane for a little plastic car that the wheels fall off of immediately, the body rubs the wheels, no clear coat (can you tell I just my first 2 Fly cars last weekend), doesn't run out of the box, poor tampo printing (god will he ever stop????), poor casting, a driver painted with RED EYES, tires that are criminally out of round and have mold sprew on, and did I mention plastic stub axles (and btw, who in the heck thougth that was a good design?) that are alternately too loose and too tight on both of my 917's I bought? Don't get me wrong I love the cars, but come on, over $60 for a slot car which will probably have most if not all of these problems?????

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