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QUOTE (ThatCorvetteGuy @ 23 Jun 2011, 17:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Tifosi,
I'm guessing that because the "F" word is absent from the packaging and there is no little yellow badge with a black horse on it affixed to the model, then that is how Flyslot have circumvented Carrera's exclusive deal.
In addition, it may be released as a "kit", which also would appear to flex the contract.. luckily for us


I just received the Flyslot green Piper 250LM (very nice model btw), and the F word is conspicuously missing, just as you say.
The little yellow badge is there though, but without the prancing horse!
This blue Sebring version will be added to the stable. The Flyslot 250LM is such a nice car - better proportioned than the Racer editions and it runs really well.
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