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New livery from FlySlot;
'Gulf' Porsche 917K
1970 Brands Hatch 1000K Winner
Flyslot ref; FS005104

Classic Porsche 917K No.10 car from Fly, 1st placed car driven by Pedro Rodrigues & Leo Kinnunen.

2 Wheel Drive
Sidewinder motor
Supplied with Magnet

Available now.

David H
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QUOTE (slotnik @ 22 Sep 2011, 20:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
No, I have seen them for £45
but they are well worth £25
Spot on, Slotnik. It's well worth £25.

I normally only buy sports cars that are modelled in a livery that competed at Le Mans, but the Gulf livery is always a favourite and, as I was a nine year old spectator at the 1970 Brands BOAC 1000kms, I couldn't resist this one, even at £45.

But is it worth £45? Well, I guess it must be, as they'll all be sold and I bought one, but is it good value when compared with, for example, the high quality Carrera is giving us for £27ish? No, I don't think so. The paint finish on mine is excellent, the wheels are round, the tyres have no horrible lumps or mould protrusions, but the rear axle assembly was so tight the wheels wouldn't turn, the rear light hanger (or whatever it's called) sat at least 8mm proud of the bodywork and needed refitting and gluing in place, and the windscreen wiper was bent and also needed modification to look right. They're little things that weren't very hard to fix, but for £45 it should be better. But...

Has buying slot cars really ever been about value? The two words "Gulf Porsche" are all that need to be said. I reckon Flyslot could charge £60 or more and they'd still sell them all.

I'm pretty sure there are quite a lot of you on the verge of buying but holding back because of the cost, so here are some more pictures to tempt you.

Tire Vehicle Car Wheel Automotive design

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive design Spoiler

Car Tire Vehicle Wheel Automotive design

Vehicle Car Tire Automotive design Motorsport

Fly's attention to detail shines through. Brands Hatch 1.970!!
Vehicle Car Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

A few more pictures here.


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