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Flyslot Toy Fair 2012 Report

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Flyslot (ex Fly Model Cars) are back and they have some great products on show with their two brands: Flyslot and Alpha Series.

We have talked about this before, but we haven't seen it done on a large scale. Flyslot are producing a car with a sound decoder and speaker built in. Sure it's the first one with a basic sound, but the plans for future versions are great. Sound linked to throttle, G-force activated tyre squeals and custom sound uploads. But for now the car on offer that will be shipping in a few weeks looks great and sounds great and the price is very affordable. I'll put up a video in the next few days.

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The idea of sound in the car, coming from a tiny speaker, and ignoring gear changes/motor revs etc. is truly ridiculous. It will add weight which will hamper performance, detract from interior detail, and be about as convincing as the vinyl record of 'racing sounds' available from Scalextric in the 60's. We're going backwards folks.
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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