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Not that he needed more recognition, but nonetheless Jim Hall was inducted in the Lindley Bothwell Hall of Fame at the Petersen Auto Museum in Los Angeles, December 3, 2003.

The Fabulous Fifties is an unofficial association loosely and benevolently run by Art Evans, an authority in the history of postwar auto racing in California. Many famous ex-racers are members, and Jim Hall graciously accepted the award given by Ann Bothwell, widow of Lindley Bothwell, who attempted qualifying the Indy 500-winning Peugeot of Dario Resta in the 1949 race. While he failed, he actually went faster than Dario Resta with it!

An introductory short speech was given by the group's historian Philippe de Lespinay and is available here:

An auction of racing memorabilia features some very rare racing records and pictures that were kindly signed by the some of the guests such as Roger Ward and Jim Hall himself.
An fine display of original Chaparral models manufactured in the 1960's, including Cox models (Cox was one of Chaparral's most visible sponsors on the cars) had been set for all to enjoy.

Below, Dan Gurney, Jim Hall, Ann Bothwell, Carroll Shelby, Phil Hill and Parnell R. Jones are posing for the cameras.

Previous inductees in the Hall of Fame included Dan Gurney and Jack McAfee.

A biography of Lindley Bothwell as well as some of his car collection can be read and seen here:

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