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Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2003

To tie in with its sponsorship of the Ferrari F1 grand prix team, Olympus is coming out with a special limited-edition Ferrari digital camera.

It will only be available in a limited edition of 10,000 worldwide and will be available to be reserved from the 10th October.
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I think Ferrari ought to think twice on what they are doing with their brand assets. I saw a kid with a Ferrari/Dell computer. A Dell! Other than the colour red and a bad replication of the logo there was nothing Ferrari about it. I think the Dell logo was even dominant. Yesterday I saw the logo on a tattered piece of cardboard over Shell gas pumps.

I don't think Enzo would be very please. After all, wasn't he the man who said "I don't smoke and neither do my cars" when asked about cigarette sponsorship?

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I stand corrected. It is Acer, but it is not Ferrari through and through. Tell me there isn't an "Intel Inside"?

I mean wasn't this the team that always built their complete car.. even the engines when Cosworths were available off the shelf for a fraction of the cost? Now they are a co-brand for everyone but the hard core.

Sorry but I just think it is a compromise. Only my thoughts.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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