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For Sale Slot it Porsche 911 GT1 EVO 98

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This car has only run a few laps so is in excellent condition. It has the slot it Sisp15 b SSD compatible chip fitted.

It also has working head lights, rear lights and brake lights.

Comes fitted with NSR King Evo 25,000 rpm motor, also included is a spare slot it motor mount, slot it flat6 20,500 rpm motor and a slot it boxer 2 21,500 rpm motor.

Comes with original box intact.

£40 + 3.90 p&p.


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Hi Dave,

Off topic I know but just out of interest, what is the purpose of the red push button to the left on the border used for??

Many thanks,

That was the restart button for the simple wi fi lap timer invented by niclasf..... link below, I say was as I still use the wi fi laptimer but without the button, I need to remove it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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