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For all of you anxious and impatient North American enthusiasts with backorders on the [ newwindow]MMK cars[/link], we have now received a large shipment of the most recent models and all the backorders will be filled within 48 hours. So your green and red felt sock under the Christmas tree will not be filled ONLY with chocolates and other form of fattening candy... :lol
The following cars have arrived:

Chaparral 2D "Daytona 1966"

Cunningham-Chrysler le Mans 1954 (no worry, the driver is painted on the production version!)

Cunningham-Chrysler le Mans 1952 (same comment for the driver, eh!)

Jaguar "C-Type long-nose" le Mans 1952

And my personal fave, the Scuderia Serenissima's Maserati T63 rear-engine of le Mans 1961.

We have also received the two first TKP body kits, the Porsche 550 in two versions. It is interesting to note that these resin replicas appear to be so much more accurate than the German-produced Revell editions of supposedly the same cars...

These gorgeous body kits include all parts except for the wheels (we recommend BWA, the World's Best), tires, axles, gears, motor ans pickup. The chassis is included and is designed to mount a Ninco motor bracket with NC1 or NC2. The kit includes superbly finished and painted body, chassis, decals, etched metal parts, driver, windshield, plated headlignts and other parts (some of the Big Uns should look at the plating on the MMK parts as an example to follow...) and instructions unfortunately in Frog. We plan to post a translation in Real World Lingo on the Electric Dreams website.

Sweet machines for the non-magnet freaks...
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