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Hi All,

After spending more and more time lurking in this section of the board, like others who have been encouraged with the work that has been shown before, I thought I would finally dip my toes into the art of building slot cars, also some of my race colleagues at Farnham (Scott, Mr Material & Jexy1) have shown early signs of addiction and it has began to rub off!

So where to start? I eventually plumped for the kit released by Team Slot, a kit admittedly purchased a while back, after a few months finally plucked up the courage to have a crack at building.

From all accounts, this particular Ford Capri raced during the 1973 touring car championship most notably the 24 hour race at Spa Francorchamps. These cars were pretty succesful and piloted at one time or another by several famous drivers from the era, including luring the some of big name drivers of Formula 1 at the time, names such as Francois Cevert, Jackie Stewart and Emerson Fitipaldi.

Regarding the model, I hope to produce the car that completed the Spa 24 hours of that year, I kind of like the idea of producing a race finished/weathered look, but this may be rather ambitious for a first attempt; especially since I haven't picked up a model for quite some time. I am currently rifling through old Airfix magazines to remind myself of painting techniques!

More importantly, I am now contemplating how to actually make the car run, this was made even more difficult as the chassis provided with the kit appears to be a generic Team Slot 4 wheel drive version which doesn't fit, is this the norm for kits? There are no mounting posts for the chassis, only for the resin interior provided for the static kit.

After quietly cursing and much time ogling, fiddling with the car I have finally hatched a plan.

First regarding set up, I have drawn up plans to produce the car with a front engine layout combined with a scratch built chassis, the amount of room with this car and the Fly Capri is very similar, there is enough space for a front engine layout, the only difference is the length between the front and rear wheels; the Team Slot Capri is shorter.

Alternatively another option I have yet to completely discard, is a possible sidewinder setup, however this will infringe on the cockpit area; the rear boot space will be lost. However the sidewinder appears to be the simpler option. I am hoping to provide a full cockpit or a much as possible, I am a sucker for detail!

Just to give an indication of the car and how I envisage the final result will be, with the exception of the hot rod appearance, I intend to increase the front ride height (the guide/chassis will hopefully take care of this to some degree) smaller rear wheels to be fitted eliminating the jacked up appearance!

I am currently sourcing materials and tools, however I will endeavour to post updates and kindly ask for hints.

Best regards



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Good luck with the project, Jamie, the Mark1 Cologne Capri is my favourite of the 3 variants. Possibly because it is the only one not fitted with a giant shopping hatch! My aversion to resin is the reason I don't have one of these myself, does it have the effect of scale 4" thick windscreen pillars when the glass unit is in place?

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QUOTE does it have the effect of scale 4" thick windscreen pillars when the glass unit is in place?

Good point Mr M, to get around this I planned to use the Fly method of staging windows so to speak, i.e. the passenger door window appears half open and the drivers side fully open.

Just as an aside, I was originally planning on fitting a safety net to the drivers side window (itching to do this effect) but I don't think this would be historically correct so its been scrapped, trying to keep this car as historically correct as possible.

The windows have been cut from a Fly Capri and they fit nicely, the clear plastic/glass is better quality than the thin plastic supplied with the kit.

The above picture is my big inspiration for this project. I have got some chrome spotlights found in spares box identical to the type fitted to the car above,
Being a big kid I Blue tacked them to the front, they look super cool. However the decals supplied with the kit are a bit rough, even worse they are suppoed to be based on this exact car, so to get around this decided to re do the originals in Photoshop.

Could anyone kindly tell me what the grey circle is painted/stuck over the number roundal on the door, is it a reflective covering or something? Something similar to the Fly Ferrari Coda Lunga which had a similar marking on the one side?

QUOTE Are you intending to use traction magnets?

Hi John, I was kind of hoping that the weight of the resin shell will counteract the loss of weight at the rear of the car, luckily it's a touring car so hopefully the speed will be accurate in 1/32 scale (i.e. slow by todays cars).

This following picture is of the 1975 version, I am using it as a colour reference.

How nice are these cars?

Best regards,


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One of these might be a nice subject too:

The Capri Perana was a local development in South Africa, shoehorning a V-8 and a cut down Mustang rear end into the Capri shell. They were monstrously fast but did not have the best brakes in the world, so they were a bit of a hndful on the street, but very successful on the track.
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