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Ford Escort Endurance Race.Pics.

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Some of the brain deads from NERCS held an endurance race at Britains Worst Slot Club on Sunday.
It was the last endurance race held on the current track as an expensive re-build is underway (scheduled to be complete in September).
Car of choice was either the Scaley Mk 1 Escort or the SCX Mk2 Escort...none of the cars survived intact due to our pathetic driving skills.
It was a good laugh with plenty of food, bad language & blatant cheating going on.
Ron knackered up the computerised lap counter thingy, so I haven`t got a clue who won!
Anyway, here`s some pics of the non-event.
Old faithfull....

Good job we brought a pen & paper...

Swop Shop....

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Aye, we`re a right bunch of crims Graham.....

Imagine the stench in that room when there`s about 30 of us in on the Championship nights.....
The driving as usual was truly awful...& everyone at NERCS is so thick I can do my "short the lane out with a coin" trick at every meeting & always get away with it!
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