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You have done a great job with your MKII. But the ID mark on the drivers side should be a Green rectangle. MKII numbers 4,5 and 6 were all Holman and Moody cars.
4 had a Green rectangle (although one book said it should be a circle? I still think its a rectangle)
5 had a Pink diamond
6 had a Yellow full circle over a half circle
Regards Allan

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Thank you for like models.
Regarding the incorrect label, I noticed it after
I had made clear modellen.Werks decals were not
right, otherwise usually M Parkes stickers to comply with the
original in the real car.
But otherwise I like the car.
Regarding paint method I use airbrush.
Primer on the bottom and two layers of color "Werks own and tamyias
water-based. "Then I put two coats of 2k clear coat lesonal420.
I am running 2k, which is so hard is because the paint does not
be destroyed when it crashes. The cars have a minumi weight of 186gram. and it's pretty hard when you compete with them.

with best regards
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