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I want to present you one of my possible entries to the ISP43 - Ford GT40

chassis - scratchbuilt styre 1.5mm
motor - radio shack 7.5V
gears - tyco pinion 7 tooth and BSRT crown 23 tooth, crown drilled for 2.2mm axle
axles - ranchdesign
body - homemade vac-form, painted from the inside with Revell watercolors
decals - homemade inkjet
SlideGuide® with high flexible silicone cables
bearings - made from brass tube, drilled to 2.2mm

overall weight: 24g

enough data, here´re the pictures:


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Oh deary me, those are really nice and well built. As are Ted's cars.
I am making my entry conditional on that no-one takes a photograph of the "chassis" as I will die of embarassment !!
Deal? I promise to do better next time, just be kind to me this time...


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Lloyd, if your car is nearly your Lancia, it will be more than fine!
Leo, okay, no pics of your chassis, but i like to take pictures after race-crashes and use those in the race-report
okay to do this? j/k okay, no pics.
Kev, Ted, thanks!
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