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Their web site is not the easiest but I have not had any problems when sending an email.

They produce several liveries of the Puma I have another in the Star livery

Drop them an email to see if they have any more.

To my knowledge this is the only slot version

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QUOTE (bigbird @ 21 May 2011, 19:07) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>hi Dave.
good to see you back on the forum.Just wondering why you opted for a heavy v6 up front when the old cossie turbo would produce more power and be a lot lighter.??

Hi Ade,

Nice to see you here,

The V6 Cosworth 24V isn't all that heavy, certainly less than the original Puma engine and gearbox which sat transverse, weight distribution is much improved now on the car, with the rear beam and diff set up and centrally mounted gearbox.

The 24V will produce more power than a 2.0 YB and reliably.............The 2.0 YB can produce mega power but costs mega bucks to tune, and needs constant rebuilds when it gets much over 450 BHP.
Remember the Roadgoing V6 Cosworth is just a slightly de tuned Formula 3000 Engine, and they are easy to get huge HP and Torque a lot cheaper than the 4 pots.

They work very well with the 4X4 set up, I put a mildly modded one in a Sierra Sapphire 4X4 years ago and it would eat every YB it came across for breakfast.

Besides which, I absolutely love these engines and the glorious sound they produce, with the right exhaust, very similair to a 6R4 but more power

QUOTE (speedyroadster @ 21 May 2011, 20:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Dave, Love the pictures on your site! Especially interested in the exploding clutch - just for info really, how exactly does a clutch get in that condition

Regards, Alan

Hi Alan,

Basically the clutch must have started slipping and the owner just kept driving it and driving it until it finally disintegrated, smashing up the gearbox casing when it went

Cheers Fellas

Regards Dave
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