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· Alan Tadd
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You may recall avery interesting recent thread on this Forum regarding the birth pangs of the Ford GT 40, more accurately the Spyders.

GT 40 Spyder thread

Following on from this discussion I received a parcel, now it is always nice to receive parcels but especially nice if Russell Sheldon sends them to you.

Inside Russell had sent me the Plasticard Shell which was mentioned in the thread together with various other body parts such as a Lexan Shell, Plasticard nose section and interior, together with photographs of the finished animal from every angle. I took it from this subtle hint that Russell has set me a challenge to build one of these cars.

This is what the finished thing should look like :-

As you can see not the easiest car in the world to put together, but I thought it might prove an interesting challenge. In the end it took me over a month to complete.

This is a picture of the finished car :-

Bodywork alterations include grafting on new front section forward of the front wheels but below the bonnet line, construction of a rear airdam, mounting of winglets to front wheel arches and front airdams.

Wheels and tyres are Revell Monogram Daytona Cobra (Painted Silver)
Engine Detail and driver figure are Maxi-models
Interior is left over bits from my old P68 Project, together with 1mm mesh from 4D Modelshop
Engine hatch is bits of a Caterham Seven bonnet
Seat covers are Mrs H's hand knits (Oops sorry Patto's Decals from a Mercedes)
Mirrors are Fly
Decals are a mixture of Patto's, MRE, MRRC and my own. (Thanks JP for explaining how to make them)
Passenger compartment bulkhead is again fine mesh.
Chassis is one of my PCB jobs, with Scaleauto Motor and gears and it is way too fast for it's own good. The first test drive lasted for two seconds by which time the rear wheel had parted company with the axle. A bit of Locktite later and it's OK.
The motor is far too powerful for the car, but it was lying about in my spares box.

Interesting Project.



· Alan Tadd
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Bit more info on the 1:1 car :-

The Aluminum GT40

In late 1965, two experimental, all-alumimum GT40 chassis were manufactured by Abbey Panels in England. One of the tubs was shipped back to Ford's Kar Kraft's Dearborn for testing, never to be seen again. The remaining aluminum chassis, GT110, was shipped to McLaren to become a lightweight open version of the 427 GT40 which raced at the 1965 LeMans. Under contract, McLaren would assemble, prepare and race the aluminum car.

Providing a basis for the X1 were the two 427 GT40s developed in a rush by Kar Kraft for Le mans. These cars, chassis GT106 and GT107, featured a long nose designed by Roy Lunn. This distinguishing feature of the prototype 427 cars was lent over to the X1 roadster.

Due to the steel chassis, most of the other prototype 427 GT40s weighed a hefty 2900 lbs. The goal set for McLaren was to reduce this number by 1000 lbs. At McLaren, Howden Ganley considered every component of the GT40 to give it a well needed diet. With the aluminum chassis and lighter Hewland LG 500 Gearbox, the X1 weighted 1900 lbs after modifications.

As I said in my original post I think the thing is over- motored which pretty much makes it undrivable , it seems Chris Amon, (Driver of the original ), thought the same about the real car :-

"To quote the driver, Chris Amon, the car was 'bloody hopeless' though Ford were convinced that it was one of the world's best drivers that was under-performing at Riverside and tried to replace him."



· Phil Kalbfell
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Alan: Great job and I was very interested in seeing this car as I have cut the yop of aresin MK11 and started building this same car,but as the Sebring winner version. I had trouble finding pics of it but finally found some pics of a good model of it in an old issue of Scale Auto from '91.

I will post some pics of it soon.

· Russell Sheldon
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Beautiful, Alan! You've done a far better job of it than I could ever hope to do!

The body was made by Derick Thesnaar of Cape Town (Plasticmac on this forum). Derick does really nice work!

"But but but 'Old P68 project?' What happened?"

We're working through the alphabet backwards, Howmet. We're on the X files right now; Xylon, X-1, xtc, xtc. Not sure when we'll get to P; probably only after a few more pints.

Kind regards

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